Myriad Case Wireless

Our mission is to create a world without wires.

We live in a modern, dynamically changing world, yet some technology is more developed than others. Our mission is to revolutionize the power and connectivity sector by developing, testing, and refining new wireless technologies, from charging to data transfer. We believe that the future lies in wireless technology, or rather, we believe that wireless technology is the future.

We just happen to sell smartphone cases.

Our Story

In September 2017, Apple announced the iPhone X – which included wireless charging. Nearly two months later, Myriad was founded after an idea that would use the iPhone's wireless charging capability combined with a battery pack in order to free up the lightning port for headphones.

Our idea went through several revisions, additions, and changes, and evolved into the modern day Myriad Case. "Myriad," of course, meaning "a countless or extremely great number," a single word to describe the wide range of functions and customization of the Myriad Case.

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