Front View of Myriad Case and Battery Module for iPhone X


Since their fruition, battery cases have been bulky, heavy, complicated, and much more. We reimagined the battery case, centered around our own patent-pending wireless charging technology.

We call it Myriad Case, and we believe it's the world's most versatile battery case for iPhone XS/X.

Quarter View of Myriad Case and Battery Module for iPhone X


For years, iPhone cases have had one purpose: to protect your phone. While Myriad Case is primarily a battery case, it doubles as a modular smartphone case that can adapt to your life and your preferences.

It's the Last Phone Case You'll Ever Need.

We're Myriad. Nice to Meet You.

Our mission is to revolutionize the power and connectivity sector by developing, testing, and refining new wireless technologies, from charging to data transfer. We believe that the future lies in wireless technology, or rather, we believe that wireless technology is the future.

We just happen to make smartphone cases.

Behind the Scenes

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